Mufti Muhammad Ishaq Qadri Razvi

In 1852, members of the mercantile community of Port Louis (Joonus Allarakia, Casseem Hemeem, Joosub Satardeenah, Elias Hamode, Abdoollah Essack, Ab doorahim Allanah, Ismael Ibrahim and Omar Yacoob) purchased two properties in Queen Street, Port Louis, for a total of Rs 6,800. The deeds of the purchase, dated October 20, 1852, stipulated, among other things, that the Muslim merchants had made the purchases jointly and severally, in their own names as well as on behalf of the entire Muslim congregation of Mauritius from which they hereby declare having received special powers. The purchasers declare that the sum of money paid for the present purchases does not belong to them personally but to the whole Muslim congregation of Mauritius.

May Allah unite the hearts of the Ummah and make us one, Ameen.

Mufti Muhammad Ishaq Qadri Razvi

Exept for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrapted

Quran Ch 95:6-6

Maulana Hafiz O Qari Ali Faqi Ali Noorani

A house on one of the properties was temporarily used as a place of worship, while the mosque was being constructed. Ismael Jeewa led the prayers at the temporary prayer house. In 1853, a small mosque was built and consecrated. Bacosse Sobedar, imam of the Camp des Lascars Mosque, outlined the mihrab (prayer niche) of the new mosque, which came to be known for many years as the Mosquée des Arabes (“Mosque of the Arabs”) – after its founders, whom the general public mistook for Arabs. The new mosque, which could accommodate some 200 worshippers, was the original Jummah Mosque.

The Imaam of Jummah Masjid Timeline

The following Imaams have served the Mosque since its edification.
Hajee Sherally Soobedar1853
Abdul Rahman1865
Mouvie Abdool Carrim1877
Mohammad Talib1878
Abdoollah Molna1880
Saiyed Ally Hossen1898 – 1900 2 years
Mohammad Ally Sulaiman Jamil Hedhazi1900 – 19033 years
Abdool Latiff Makkee (acting)1903
Saiyed Mohammad Ally Sulaiman1903 – 19041 year
Shaikh Mohammad Madanee1904 – 19051 year
Abdool Latiff Makkee (acting)1906
Shaikh Mohammad Madanee1906 – 19071 year
Mohammad Ally Sulaiman Jamil Hedhazi1907 – 19147 years
Abdool Latiff Makkee (acting)1914
Aboo Bakar Hammad1914
Abdool Latiff Makkee (acting)1915
Abdullah Rachid Nawab1915 – 19216 years
Abdool Latiff Makkee (acting)1922
Mohammad Zahid1923 – 19263 years
Aboo Bakar Hammad1926 – 19282 years
Mustapha Aboo bakar Hammad1928 – 1952 24 years
Fakir Hafez Yusuf Moolna (Acting)20.07.1952
Hafez Abdul Kader Barrada20.06.1953
Hafiz Abdul Kadir Barroda1953 6 Months
Fakir Hafiz Yusuf Moolba (acting)1953 – 19541 year
Akum Tunsum Kamal (Bhukari)1954 – 1957 3 years
Sayyed Mahmad Attikur Rahman1957 – 19636 years
Sayyed Mohammad Ameen Madani1963 – 1964 1 year
Maulana Mohammad Ibrahim Khustar1965 – 1971 6 years
Maulana Mohammad Farook Al-Nul-Haq Naeemi & Maulana Hafez Yousouf Lallmahomed1972 -19764 years
Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kalim Ashrafi Jilani1976 – 19771 year
Maulana Bashir Ahmed Naeemi1977 less than 1 year
Hafez Mohammad Muzaffar Alam Quader1978 – 1982 4 years
Maulana Muhammad Shamim Ashraf Azhari1982 – 200422 years
Maulana Hafiz O Qari Ali Faqi Ali Noorani2003 – Present 13 years
Mufti Muhammad Ishaq Qadri Razvi2004 – Present 12 years